Physician and Surgeon Offices

Dr. Guy de Wet

250-549-1216Second Floor

Jeffrey Chan, Family Nurse Practitioner


Dr. G. Gorea

250-503-39112nd Floor
250-545-22882nd Floor

Dr. D. Screen

250-503-39112nd Floor

Dr. R. Sharma

250-503-39112nd Floor

Dr. G. Nagra

250-503-39112nd Floor

Dr. Ariano

250-503-39112nd Floor

Dr. R. Long (retired - contact Dr. de Wet

250-549-12162nd Floor

Dr. G. Borchert (retired contact Dr. de Wet

250-549-12162nd Floor

Dr. M. Murphy (retired)

250-545-4422Fireside Clinic

Dr. J. Hofer (relocated)

Sterling Center

Dr. R. Dhaliwal relocated February 1, 2023

778-943-1982Sterling Center

Medical and Allied Health Service

250-549-12071st Floor
250-260-13142nd Floor

Nolan's Pharmacy

250-542-58662nd Floor
250-550-54822nd Floor

Mind Body Counselling - Liz Rezanson

250-540-67691st Floor
604-200-3338currently next to Nolan's Pharmacy on 2nd floor
250-306-78931st Floor

Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy Learning Centre


Chris Ziebarth Counselling

250-802-57381st Floor
250-802-63951st Floor

Dr. K. Ingram BSC ND

250-938-0498moved to new location
778-692-8007Relocated to Business Suite on Main Floor


Check online. Store temporarily closed due to flood.1st Floor
250-545-29521st Floor

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