Physician and Surgeon Offices

Dr. Guy de Wet

250-549-1216Second Floor

Jeffrey Chan, Family Nurse Practitioner


Dr. G. Gorea

250-503-39112nd Floor
250-545-22882nd Floor

Dr. D. Screen

250-503-39112nd Floor

Dr. R. Sharma

250-503-39112nd Floor

Dr. G. Nagra

250-503-39112nd Floor

Dr. Ariano

250-503-39112nd Floor

Dr. R. Long (retired - contact Dr. de Wet

250-549-12162nd Floor

Dr. G. Borchert (retired contact Dr. de Wet

250-549-12162nd Floor

Dr. M. Murphy (retired)

250-545-4422Fireside Clinic

Dr. J. Hofer (relocated)

Sterling Center

Dr. R. Dhaliwal relocated February 1, 2023

778-943-1982Sterling Center

Medical and Allied Health Service

Nolan's Pharmacy

2nd Floor

Mind Body Counselling - Liz Rezanson

1st Floor

Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy Learning Centre


Chris Ziebarth Counselling

1st Floor

Located on Lower Floor next to Elevator


Check online. Store temporarily closed due to flood.1st Floor
250-545-29521st Floor

Space Available