Current List of Tenants

Physician and Surgeon Offices

Dr. G. Borchet

250-549-12162nd Floor

Dr. R. Dhaliwal

250-549-12162nd Floor

Dr. J. Flanagan

250-549-12162nd Floor

Dr. G. Gorea

250-503-39112nd Floor
250-545-22882nd Floor

Dr. H. Iredia

250-503-39112nd Floor

Dr. R. Long

250-549-12162nd Floor

Dr. M. Murphy

250-549-12162nd Floor

Dr. D. Screen

250-503-39112nd Floor

Dr. R. Sharma

250-503-39112nd Floor

Dr. J. Hofer

250-549-12162nd Floor

Medical and Allied Health Service

250-549-12071st Floor

Inviva Health Care

250-542-25412nd Floor

Nolan's Pharmacy

250-542-58662nd Floor
250-550-54822nd Floor

Irene Deleenheer

Safe Zone Counselling

250-306-19011st Floor

Mind Body Counselling

Liz Rezanson

250-558-97351st Floor

Okanagan Clinical Counselling Services

250-718-92911st Floor

Okanamed Sleep Apnea Services

Tracey Heyworth



First Impressions

250-545-25231st Floor
250-545-29521st Floor
250-306-19711st Floor

Viking Strategic Metals

509-483-3035                                                                   1st Floor
250-351-9694                                               Lower

Jung Shin Tae Kwon-Do

250-550-45421st Floor